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Sell my Hire Company

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We can attract competitive buyers in the highly saturated hire sector

How to sell a hire business

Hire companies including those which provide plant and machinery hire, tool hire, car hire, entertainment hire, commercial vehicle hire and many other hire company types are often flourishing businesses, although frequently operating in a highly competitive market.

When it comes to selling your hire company, finding the right buyer and negotiating a profitable sale can be a complex and time-consuming operation. The hire company industry as a whole tends to be divided into large multinational chains and independent local businesses. Therefore when selling your hire company the buyer profile usually follows these lines; with the multinationals looking to move into your territory through expansion and acquisition strategies or independent investors looking to take over business as a going concern.

Why Use Selling My Business To Sell Your Hire Company?

The knowledgeable team at Selling My Business has vast experience of brokering the sales of numerous companies, especially those within the hire services sector. We are able to support and guide you through the entire sales process, leading the sale and pushing it a successful conclusion. Our complete business sales service includes:

  • Business Valuation

We understand the intricacies of the hire services market and so are able to assess both your business’ profitability and potential market share to derive a fair valuation that reflects your investment into the business, but that is also realistic and thus attractive to buyers.

  • Sale Preparation

In many cases there are a number of necessary preparatory steps that we will guide you through prior to offering your business for sale. These will ensure that your business is fully ready for sale, including due diligence preparations, and will result in your business being as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

  • Connecting You With The Right Buyer

If required we can offer your business for sale on the open market, but we are also able to utilise our extensive network of investor connections to more discreetly sell your business. We will then ensure that any potential buyers are pre-vetted to ensure their financial suitability prior to the commencement of negotiations.

  • Negotiations Are Conducted Proficiently

We will lead all negotiations to ensure that the optimal outcome is reached for your business. Depending on your circumstances talks will be held under strict confidentiality clauses, such as Non-Disclosure Agreements, to ensure necessary levels of discretion.

  • Due Diligence

The due diligence process is vital to concluding a successful business sale. We will ensure that you are fully prepared for your seller’s due diligence investigations and will ensure that the process is conducted both efficiently and proficiently.

  • Preparation of Paperwork

Business sale documentation can be complex and any mistakes can have far reaching ramifications. Our experienced team will ensure that all paperwork relating to your sale is meticulously prepared thus ensuring the successful progression of your sale.

  • Maximise Financial Outcome

All decisions during your business sale will be handled with profitability and tax efficiency being held paramount. Full legal compliance will be guaranteed whilst also conducting your sale with your financial future in mind.

Value my Hire business

If you own a plant and machinery hire, tool hire, car hire, entertainment hire, commercial vehicle hire or any other type of hire business, use our hire business valuation service to determine an accurate value for your business. By valuing your hire business, you can enter into sale negotiations, armed with the knowledge of a possible sale price and maximise market value. Carrying out a valuation can also help boost your track record as a business owner as it adds monetary value to your asset.  

How much is my Hire business worth?

We have an in-house, valuation team, who can provide fast turnaround support, removing any chain delays you may experience with outsourced valuation providers. Established in 1956, we can share our industry knowledge and expertise to help source a buyer and calculate a possible sale price for your business and take you through how to value a hire business. The SMB valuation team will require 3 years' worth of historic/recent accounts to get started. 

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"I was looking to sell my business as I’m due to retire and could do with realising the value of my car hire company and high-value assets. The SMB team helped me reach this goal by connecting me with an experienced buyer in the hire industry."

Sharon – Commercial Car & Van Hire, Cardiff

Why Sell Your Hire Company?

You may wish to sell your hire company to fund your retirement, or your next big venture. Or you may be looking to sell your hire business as you can see changes on the horizon and feel that now is the time to get out. Whatever the reason for selling your hire company you will no doubt wish to ensure that you achieve an efficient and profitable sale.

Selling My Business
  • Previous sales and acquisitions experience
  • Sector specialisms and average success rate
  • Sales value expectations and growth potential
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Our Essential Checklist to Selling your Business

With the variety of different sectors that fit under the hire company umbrella, gaining an overall picture of the UK hire industry is a difficult task. Therefore the sector specific knowledge that the team at Selling My Business holds allows us to optimally position your business for sale within your specific niche. For example just as the plant and machinery hire sectors tend to follow the general health of the UK construction industry, so the car hire industry tends to follow a combination of both general economic fluctuations and those of the UK tourism industry.

Hire companies also tend to be less fluid than other sectors due to the heavy investment that the industry model requires into both physical assets and their associated storage. This means that they are often less able to rapidly adapt to industry changes. Ongoing maintenance costs are also high, so in many sectors profit margins are relatively low, therefore finding added value provisions and profitable bolt-on services can be an essential part of a successful business model.

Understanding these, and the many other issues, that face each sector within the overall hire services industry means that the Selling My Business team are able to broker more dynamic, proficient and ultimately profitable hire company sales.

For more information or advice about selling your hire company contact Selling My Business today.

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10,000+ Potential Buyers
60+ Years Experience
12,000+ Businesses Sold

Meet the Selling My Business team

Essential Guide to Selling Your Business

Contemplating selling your business? Our free, comprehensive guide will walk you through how you can sell your company. Our FREE guide covers all of the essentials, including:

• Are you appointing an experienced advisor?
• Are you giving your business a realistic sales price?
• Will all potential buyers for the business be approached?
• How much will the sales process impact business performance?

Plus much more...

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Why Choose Us?

  • No upfront fees - pay at the end
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