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How to sell a business quickly

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Selling a business is a complicated process, especially if you don’t obtain the best professional support. Your accountant and solicitor will provide the financial and legal guidance you need, but you can speed up the procedure by appointing experienced business sales brokers.

Also known as business transfer agents, business sales brokers with experience in your industry will smooth the selling process by anticipating potential roadblocks and removing them before they can slow down the sale.

Planning a business sale well in advance is a vital part of selling quickly and underpins not only a faster sale but also your ability to achieve the highest price. Selling My Business are business sales brokers with more than 60 years of experience in facilitating successful sales.

We’ll provide the expert support you need from beginning to end, so how can we speed up the different stages of the sale transaction to achieve a faster overall journey?

Plan and prepare

Failing to plan carefully and prepare your business with a view to selling can hamper the sale process in various ways. You’re unlikely to present it in its best light, for example, or be able to show its true potential to the new owner.

It’s never too early to work on an exit strategy, even when you first take over a business or start a new one. Having time to build up sales, develop a good reputation in the community, and operate with reliable cash flows, allow you to reap the rewards when the time comes to sell.

Obtain an accurate business valuation

Obtaining a professional business valuation encourages a fast sale as you can rely on it to be accurate and move forward with purpose. We can provide a valuation for your business so you can quickly set your price at the right level.

This, along with targeted marketing encourages interest and requests for more information – we can then narrow down the interested parties to one or two serious prospective purchasers who are financially able to complete the transaction.

Selling My Business
  • Previous sales and acquisitions experience
  • Sector specialisms and average success rate
  • Sales value expectations and growth potential
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Find your ideal purchaser

We operate a comprehensive database of buyers who are actively looking to purchase a business like yours and can target our marketing efforts according to your ‘ideal buyer’ profile.

Although we take a broad approach to marketing businesses for sale, our industry contacts and experience mean we can narrow our focus. We’ll find the best potential buyers with the funds readily available so you can realise your investment quickly.

Selling My Business will help you sell your business quickly

Appointing the right professional support underpins your sales efforts and considerably increases the chances of selling your business quickly. As highly experienced business transfer agents we will advise and help you with planning and preparation and can offer you a business valuation.

We’ll take the time to understand your objectives from selling so you can continue to focus on running it effectively at an operational level. Please get in touch to arrange your free consultation and business valuation – we work from offices around the country.

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