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Sell My Soft Play Centre business

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How to sell a children's soft play centre

If you are interested in selling your indoor or outdoor children’s soft play area, we have a dedicated children’s leisure team on hand to carry out a business valuation of your soft play business, prepare your business for sale and source a buyer actively searching for children’s amusement centres. Our expert team are highly experienced in the trade of selling children’s soft play facilities, catering to all age groups of different physical and mental abilities. If you are an independent provider, franchisee, or nationally renowned brand, we can facilitate the sale of your play centre business.

As the growing demand for children’s play facilities sharpens the appetites of buyers, we can expertly craft a marketing strategy to target our extensive network of industry buyers and secure a new business owner for your children’s play centre. We understand that no play centre is the same as the investment focus for each brand varies. This can vary from expanding all-weather play facilities to overcome challenges posed by the unpredictable British weather, introducing sensory play centres for children with learning difficulties and expanding the variety of outdoor activities on offer.  

Buying an existing children’s soft play centre business can provide you with a turnkey opportunity to generate income from day one of your venture takeover. The challenges presented to soft play centre businesses consist of high maintenance, budget allocation and industry competition, alongside evolving consumer needs and challenging trading conditions.

Visible profits and quick turnaround

Selling a soft play centre business can be a profitable opportunity for an innovative buyer, generating profits from day one of branch opening if the business is operational and requires minimum start-up investment. The aesthetical appeal should be taken into serious consideration as growing industry competitors are placing a heavier focus on visual creativity, in addition to providing access to a multitude of themed inflatable, sensory and interactive soft play equipment.

As with other businesses in the children’s leisure trade, such as family entertainment centres, zoos and static attractions, the level of associated risk is naturally high. Children’s play centres are required to abide by European and British safety standards, guidance from the Health & Safety Executive and the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPPA).

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Sell My Soft Play Centre Businesses

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"The Selling My Business team guided me throughout the business sale process, making it stress-free as we carried out an extensive exercise to prepare the business for sale. SMB managed communications with the buyer, securing a new owner for my soft play centre business in record time."

Evelyn - Soft Play Centre, York

Common challenges faced during the selling process

When approaching a prospective buyer despite their level of experience, a common question is the challenges experienced by a soft play centre business and the reasons behind the sale. You may be selling shop due to retirement, redirecting your focus to alternative business ventures or to generate a tangible return for your investment, all of which are genuine reasons for sale. If you no longer have the necessary capital to maintain the business over the long-term, selling your soft play centre when it is booming can help illustrate future potential with the necessary cash injection from a resourceful buyer.

Niche soft play centres for special needs

If you are a soft play centre business providing enhanced services to children with complex needs, such as a multi-sensory environment for children with learning difficulties, special needs and development needs, you will require high-value equipment, such as automated aids and hoists to assist customers. As this type of specialist soft play centre is more likely to have higher associated running costs, the business is likely to attract higher paying customers due to the extensive services on offer. As with any niche service, establishing a reputation can drive customers to your door and attract buyers due to the emotional value which is essentially an intangible asset.

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10,000+ Potential Buyers
60+ Years Experience
12,000+ Businesses Sold

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Industry position and refreshing service offering

As soft play centres are becoming more accessible in areas with a greater youth population, the focus on educational and outdoor play is increasing in response to higher demand for forest nurseries and outdoor schooling. As soft play centres adapt to this trend, the appeal is likely to increase for soft play centres offering this service, in addition to traditional soft play centres.

Soft play centres are likely to have unlimited potential for growth, including the expansion of high-quality catering services, cafes, restaurants and a venue for parties. This value-based service can drive extra customers to your soft play centre and increase income.

Long-lasting effects of Covid-19 pandemic

Following the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing measures are likely to remain for the long-term to protect public health. As soft play centres contain high transmission areas due to greater footfall and an increasing number of touchpoints, such as ball pits, frames and loose toys, such facilities carry a heavier burden of risk due to heightened safety and health requirements.  

The British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPPA) have issued new operational guidance concerning health measures and social distancing, where appropriate. A series of precautionary measures have been enforced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you have over 50 employees, you are also required to publicly publish your risk assessment results.

Process of selling your soft play centre business

To start the business selling process, you should prepare your soft play centre for sale by collating the financial paperwork, streamlining operations and increasing business value. Before opening the door to prospective buyers, calculate the value of your soft play centre business to help you determine an asking price and maximise market value. A business valuation will indicate a start figure for prospective buyers and assist you in future planning.

We have a database of over 10,000 actively searching buyers so we are confident that we can source a buyer for your soft play centre business. Our team will guide you through each step and maintain communication between both parties to ensure that the sale process runs smoothly and without delay.

Value my soft play centre business

At Selling My Business, we have a dedicated, in-house valuation team who will expertly guide you throughout the valuation process, from preparing your business for sale, increasing market value and identifying the potential for business growth. This is a primary concern for buyers as by investing in a business with growth potential, the financial value of the business is likely to increase year on year, exceeding previous targets. By valuing a soft play centre business or outdoor playground business, you can add a monetary value to your business, incorporating this into succession planning.

How much is my soft play centre business worth?

The Selling My Business team will take you through how to value a soft play centre business, including the factors which influence the worth. To carry out our soft play centre business valuation, the Selling My Business team will require 3 years’ worth of recent/historic accounts, taking into consideration profit and loss, gross profit margin and ongoing commitments to maintain the daily running of the business. Assessing the value of business assets and liabilities will also illustrate the health of the business which will contribute to the overall value of the business.

At Selling My Business, our expert team of business valuation specialists have a collective record of over 100 years’ in the trade of selling and buying businesses. In addition to our extensive service offering, we can share our experience in the industry, outlook on buying trends and analysis of changing consumer behaviour. We will help you sell your soft play centre business to a reputable buyer and maximise market value.

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Paul Williamson
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  • 10,000+ Businesses Sold
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