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Sell My Solar Energy Business

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How to sell a solar panel manufacturing business

A fundamental shift towards the use of renewable energy has enabled solar energy companies to take a strong stance in this market. Furthermore, subsidy-free solar ‘farms’ that use advanced energy storage technology are now opening.

Prior to selling your solar energy company, you need to carefully prepare the business so that it stands the best possible chance of achieving the value you are seeking. So what can you do to prepare your company for sale, and how should you approach the inevitable challenges you will face, both in terms of your sector and also the selling process itself?

Considerations for selling your solar energy business

  • To maximise your final selling price, you will need to make sure all administrative, financial and operational obligations are in order, so that interested parties are presented with a lean, agile, and well-organised business.
  • What are your reasons for selling the company? Buyers will want to understand the background for the sale. Maybe it is because you are retiring, or perhaps moving on to a new venture having reached the goals you initially set when you started your business.
  • Professional guidance is key for a smooth business sale. You are likely to require accountancy and legal assistance, and also the services of business sales brokers with practical experience in your sector.
  • Do you intend to stay on for a while after the business is sold? A purchaser may request that you remain involved in the business for a period of time following its sale, whether in a ‘hands-on’ capacity, or purely advisory.
  • How will you present your business for sale? The Information Memorandum advertises your business for sale, and is sent out to interested parties. It should describe how your business operation works in practice – for example, the methods used to attract new customers – as well as financial information, including projected sales and profit figures
Selling My Business
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  • Sector specialisms and average success rate
  • Sales value expectations and growth potential
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What sector-specific challenges might you face?

End of the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) scheme  

Although the government has announced its intention to install solar panels on 800,000 social housing properties, the Feed-In Tariff scheme is ending in 2019 and is unlikely to be renewed until 2025.

This has enabled householders to take advantage of renewable energy sources such as solar power, but without the scheme it is unlikely to be cost-effective for them to purchase their own solar panels. The difficulty in predicting the price of solar energy with any accuracy is one of the reasons that the scheme is ending.

Efficiency of solar panels potentially at its height for now

Technology has more or less reached the ceiling for now in terms of efficiency – currently at around 25% efficiency for mass production panels. Anything higher than around 30% is very unlikely in the future, without some form of major technological development. Too much DC current injection into a grid integrated system also raises issues with frequency, and consequently the stability of supply.

Brexit and EU funding for renewable energy

According to a government publication, the UK has secured “24% of the total available funds” in relation to the European Investment Bank’s Climate Awareness Bonds for renewable energy and energy efficiency.¹ But infrastructure investment and project funding may be cut once we leave the EU.

Value my solar energy business

Solar energy is a renewable power source which is environmentally friendly and cleaner for the world that we live in. As the transition from fossil fuels to solar energy shows a steady increase, it is yet to be embraced on a mainstream level. Due to the volatility of the current climate and fluctuating customer demand, the price of solar energy changes on a regular basis, affecting the value of your business. The Selling My Business team are experienced in valuing solar energy businesses, following the successful sale of such businesses across the country.

How much is my solar energy business worth?

Valuing a solar energy business is instrumental as this will determine the guide sale price for prospective buyers. The Selling My Business team offer a solar energy business valuation service to calculate the monetary value of your business. To get started, the SMB team will require 3 years’ worth of historic or recent accounts and they will demonstrate how to value a solar energy business.

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Important stages of the selling process

Business valuation

There are a number of ways your business may be valued, one of which is EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation). This figure is then multiplied by an agreed number in order to arrive at a valuation.

Confidentiality and the information memorandum

It is advisable to draw up a confidentiality agreement to prevent your business information falling into the hands of competitors, and to keep the sale a private process for a while. Interested parties should sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before you release the information memorandum mentioned earlier.

Buyer due diligence

Once you have narrowed down a shortlist of buyers to a single likely purchaser, they will need to undergo a process of due diligence to ensure the information you have provided is reliable and accurate.

Heads of term agreement

The heads of term agreement sets out the results of detailed negotiations between the advisers working on your behalf, and your potential buyer.

Selling My Business are experts in this sector, and can help you sell your solar energy or manufacturing company. We will ensure the sale is handled professionally to ensure you receive the highest possible value. Please contact one of the team to arrange a free consultation.

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10,000+ Potential Buyers
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