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Sell my Florist business

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I want to sell my florist shop business and flower shop

If you are looking to sell your florist shop or flower business, Selling My Business can provide a marketplace populated with over 10,000 registered buyers actively searching for their next venture, including florists. We have demonstrable experience working with florists, from family-operated empires to locally renowned flower artists. The pool of prospective buyers skilled in the art of floristry and holding extensive knowledge of floriculture is likely to be niche, however, we are well-positioned to bridge this link. The Selling My Business team are closely connected to parties looking to acquire a florist to expand their existing portfolio or stride into a new market.

We understand the pressures of operating a retail flower business and juggling industry benchmarks to ensure that freshness is guaranteed as raw materials are transported from grower to consumer. Unlike many industries, weather conditions and seasons are a prerequisite of selected floral arrangements being available throughout the year. As industry trends flow in and out of popularity, the challenge is on for florist owners to increase their appeal by putting innovative ideas into motion.

The £1 billion industry is populated with industry veterans and new entrants sporting creativity and diversity across the flower spectrum, going on to raise industry benchmarks. As new florists enter the market to better serve different consumers groups, target audiences can be differentiated between affordable and price-conscious, mid-range, to luxury and quality-driven.  

In addition to pricing and quality factors, brand identity, marketing activity and social media standards may also influence consumer appeal. A powerful and innovative florist brand can influence popularity for arrangements, colours and flower types by connecting with their consumers on multiple platforms. From the emergence of letterbox flowers, flower subscriptions, to dried floral arrangements, spearheading new trends can increase your market share and help establish renowned brand status.

As a florist, your corporate social responsibility efforts and support for farms from which your flowers are cultivated can establish a loyal customer base. Taking into consideration the social and economic impact of this and how it can support other local businesses can quickly elevate your status on a regional level. At Selling My Business, we will help evaluate what areas hold value by conducting a valuation of your florist business. If you are thinking of selling your florist business, you will need to prepare if for the sale process and conduct a business valuation to calculate how much your business is worth.

Preparing your florist business for sale

The Selling My Business team will run through the information required to list your business for sale and prepare an information memorandum, also known as a sales memorandum. It summarises

the strongest selling points of your florist shop and functions as an advertising tool to attract prospective buyers. An information memorandum captures key financial data and essential company information for the attention of prospective buyers.

An information memorandum typically consists of the following information:

  • Company history, current position, financial targets and scope for growth
  • Operating structure, supply chain and business premises. Do you operate from a warehouse, studio, florist shop or home?
  • Financial performance, company assets and liabilities
  • Customer base and target audience breakdown. How much of your income is attributed to corporate sales?
  • Why are you selling the company? What’s your desired completion date?

If you wish to advertise your business confidentially, we can help execute a discreet advertising strategy. A Non-Disclosure Agreement can help restrict the distribution of company knowledge and sensitive information. Although disclosing sensitive company information may be essential during this preliminary stage, acting in the best interests of the business is vital to minimise sale disruption.

There are many reasons you may take this route, from protecting employees from this knowledge to minimising operational disruption or employment uncertainty. In rare cases, director disputes may result in forcing the sale of the business under unfortunate circumstances. Many business owners also set out to build businesses to generate profit, and eventually sell shop for a greater return. Regardless of your circumstances, we can help prepare your florist business for sale, taking into consideration your circumstances and existing economic conditions.

Conducting due diligence is essential during the sale process to eliminate uncertainty and verify the background of a potential new owner. By taking reasonable care to investigate parties seriously considering buying your florist business, your sale can be conducted with ease and without any complications at a later stage.

Founded in 1956, we are experienced business sellers across an array of industries, including floristry, with over 60 years of experience. From British Floral Association Studio and Retail Florists, to garden centres and plant nurseries, we understand the importance of handling the sale of your floristry business with care and attention.

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"I was set on selling my local florist shop and studio to an ambitious buyer with a similar level of industry expertise and hands-on experience ahead of my retirement. Selling My Business connected me with a buyer in North Yorkshire looking to open a second branch and conduct an immediate sale. "

Fred – Boutique Florist, Harrogate

How much is my florist business worth?

When valuing a florist business, many fixed and intangible assets will influence company worth. The financial performance of your florist business will ultimately determine the rank of buyers you are likely to attract, from first time buyers, established florists, to franchise owners. The financial worth of company assets will influence how much buyers will be willing to pay for your floristry business or shop.

Here are some of the areas that will be taken into consideration when conducting a valuation of your florist business:

  • Company financials: Turnover, net profit, financial projections
  • Assets: Fixtures, fittings, intangible assets, inventory, bookings diary
  • Goodwill: Brand value and reputation
  • Location: Is your business situated in a busy city centre location? A florist shop open to the public is likely to attract greater footfall if it is accessible and conveniently located
  • Business premises: Leasehold or freehold? Is the property a warehouse, florist studio or physical store open to walk-ins? Individuals looking to buy a florist business may be interested in whether the flower business is relocatable or if working from home is a suitable working style
  • Growth potential – Does the business have scope for growth or expansion?

The creativity capacity of the flower industry paves the way for infinite growth opportunities, such as delivering services to venues for weddings, funerals and christenings. Extending services to the corporate sector can open up a host of events that require floral dressing services.

Common trends embraced by remote florists is to expand into floral interior decorations and homeware installations to widen the target audience bracket. If your business takes pride in procuring ethically and locally sourced stock, a future buyer may be interested in establishing the flower business as a trade supplier, branching into a new market.

The Selling My Business team will guide you throughout the valuation process and pinpoint areas that can directly impact the value of your florist business. We have first-hand experience in the sale of florist businesses, from independent brands to long-established family florists. We have a proven track record of successful sales in the floral industry, and supporting sectors, such as hospitality and entertainment

We understand that taking the step to sell your florist may feel nerve-wracking, however, the Selling My Business team are on hand to simplify the process. We have a database of over 10,000 registered buyers that supports our extensive marketing strategy to attract prospective buyers to your desired location, covering the breadth of the country.

Value my florist business

One of the first steps to listing your business on the open market includes conducting a business valuation to calculate the worth of your florist. This can help you determine a suitable guide price that reflects market value. At Selling My Business, we offer a florist business valuation as part of our service. Our in-house team of business valuers have over 100 years’ collective experience and relevant industry know-how to present your business in an ideal shape to prospective buyers. 

If you’re wondering how to value a florist business, the Selling My Business team will assist in the preparation of your business, conduct a business valuation, and manage negotiations with serious buyers. To start the valuation of your florist business, the Selling My Business team will require three years’ worth of recent company accounts.

The valuation of your business will prepare your business for the sale process, under the guidance of the highly distinguished team at Selling My Business. By assessing the financial health of your business and calculating the overall worth of company assets, we can arrive at a price that can generate realistic returns and release the efforts of your investment. 

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10,000+ Potential Buyers
60+ Years Experience
12,000+ Businesses Sold

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Contemplating selling your business? Our free, comprehensive guide will walk you through how you can sell your company. Our FREE guide covers all of the essentials, including:

  • Are you appointing an experienced advisor?
  • Are you giving your business a realistic sales price?
  • Will all potential buyers for the business be approached?
  • How much will the sales process impact business performance?

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