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Selling My Business can broker the efficient and profitable sale of your building maintenance business

Sell my Building Maintenance business

If you have decided to sell your building maintenance business, you will want to make sure that you achieve the specific goals and objectives that you have set for the sale. These will clearly vary between business owners, but in general terms, the sale needs to be conducted in an efficient and professional manner so that potential issues are identified and dealt with in advance where possible.

Whatever your goals, our team of professional business sales brokers can help you attain them using our extensive experience and sector insight. Selling My Business has 30 years’ experience of successful business sales, and can assist you at every stage of the process, from planning your exit strategy to tax-efficiently extracting its value.

Selling your building maintenance business requires careful pre-planning to ensure it is operating at optimal levels, can present accurate and reliable data to prospective buyers, and that you stand the best chance of achieving its fullest value.

Important considerations when selling your building maintenance business

  • Have you planned the sale?

It is advisable to plan well ahead of the sale to ensure your business is presented to market at its best.

  • Who is your target market?

It can be difficult to find prospective buyers who are not only serious about purchasing your business, but who also have the financial capacity to make the investment.

  • Confidentiality

If your competitors know in advance that you are selling your business, it is possible that information might fall into the wrong hands. Drawing up a confidentiality agreement protects your business, and can be issued to interested parties prior to the sales memorandum.

  • Due diligence

The due diligence process enables a serious prospective buyer to check the information you have provided is reliable and accurate.

  • Valuation

Accurately valuing your building maintenance business is crucial to a smooth sale, but can be the cause of controversy and debate.

Selling My Business will conduct your sale in a professional and efficient manner, providing a number of pre-approved buyers using our extensive database, and ensuring a fair value is arrived at.

Building maintenance as a whole encompasses many diverse elements, from plumbing to cleaning and rubbish disposal. As a result, your building maintenance business is naturally exposed to many challenges on both operational and strategic levels.

These can include:

Changing building design and construction materials

Developments in building design techniques, technology, and the materials used in construction, means you need to constantly factor in the possibility of change which directly affects your building maintenance business.

Sourcing skilled labour

Skilled tradespeople including plumbers and electricians are in short supply in the UK, and this can curb the growth of your business. Although the government’s apprenticeship scheme exists, it can take apprentices several years to develop their skills and reach a sufficient level of expertise.

Profit margins

The challenge of keeping down your costs, meeting customer demand in terms of price, but also speed and efficiency for reactive maintenance works, can be significant, and one that results in low profit margins.

Selling My Business offer the professional assistance you need when you are selling your building maintenance business. We will help achieve your goals and objectives from the sale, and ensure you extract the highest value possible. Call one of the team today to discuss your business.

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