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Sell my Plumbing Business

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Achieve visible results by realising true asset worth from your plumbing company

How to sell a plumbing business

If you want to sell your plumbing business, it is a good idea to consider not only your main goals and objectives for the sale - the value you want to achieve, for example, and the ideal timescale, but also the reasons for selling.

Selling your business requires professional legal and financial input, but you can also take advantage of the knowledge and industry insights of highly experienced business sales brokers.  

Our expert team at Selling My Business has over 30 years’ experience of assisting and positively influencing business sales, and will help you formulate a clear exit strategy. With this in mind, are there any factors that could prevent your business achieving its optimum value?

What challenges are you experiencing?

The plumbing sector has dealt with a number of challenges in recent times, not least of which was the knock-on effect from the downturn in the construction industry following the global economic crash.

Plumbing continues to face fundamental challenges, however, which could affect your business sale, so what might these issues be?

  • Online DIY ‘how to’ videos and forums
    The popularity and uptake of instructional videos, and a wealth of online information, has encouraged homeowners to take on plumbing tasks they might otherwise have hired a qualified tradesperson to carry out. DIY forums also provide valuable information and discussion on tackling plumbing work independently of trade experts.
  • Shortage of skilled workers
    If the current skills shortage is not addressed effectively, it could hamper a prospective purchaser’s intended plans for growth. Finding skilled workers is a challenging issue for plumbing businesses with expansion in mind, and the skills gap is showing no signs of decreasing.
  • New apprenticeship scheme
    A new apprenticeship scheme and apprenticeship levy are causing additional administrative and financial issues for some plumbing businesses. Those with an annual payroll of over £3 million have to pay a levy of 0.5%, which is collected through the PAYE system. Not only does this introduce an additional financial burden, but the new apprenticeship system also increases the level of administration the business needs to carry out.
Selling My Business
  • Previous sales and acquisitions experience
  • Sector specialisms and average success rate
  • Sales value expectations and growth potential
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When is the best time to sell your plumbing business?

Planning an exit strategy well in advance helps you attain the value you are looking for, and provides the time to present your business in its best light. Preparation could simply involve bringing your financial records and obligations up-to-date. On the other hand, a complete rethink of your sales strategy might be required to improve turnover before the business goes on the market.

When any potential buyer completes their due diligence, they will expect the figures you have provided to be a fair and reliable representation of the state of your business and how it is performing. This is why it is important to address any operational issues proactively.

How to value a Plumbing business

At Selling My Business, we believe in providing an all-inclusive service which is why we have our very own, in-house, valuation team with a strong background in the industry of business transfer. We can set you on the right track to selling your company, starting with valuing your plumbing business to determine what it is worth. We offer a plumbing valuation service to guide you with a possible sale price before reaching out to prospective buyers.

Value my Plumbing business

The SMB team will conduct an extensive analysis of the financial activity of your business to calculate business value and answer – how much is my plumbing business worth? Unlike other business transfer agents, we will review your gross profit margin, profit and loss statement, overheads and take into consideration assets and liabilities. To start the process, the SMB valuation team will require 3 years’ worth of historic/recent accounts, guiding you through the process from valuation to sale completion.

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"Selling My Business carried out a valuation of my plumbing business and the associated assets to give me an idea of a possible sale price. This was very helpful for me when planning my exit from the industry and organising my finances before reaching the completion stage."

Carl – Plumbing and Gas Services, Sunderland

What do you need to consider in more detail?

Information for your Sales Memorandum

The sales memorandum is the initial document released to interested parties. It describes the business as a whole and why you want to sell it, and also includes financial documentation such as past profit and loss statements, your forecasts for sales and profit, and details of business assets and liabilities.

How will you find a buyer?

Your business is initially marketed by defining your ‘ideal’ buyer as far as possible, identifying interested parties, and providing them with the sales memorandum mentioned previously. Opening offers are considered, and a shortlist of prospective buyers is then made.

After further negotiations, one or two parties may emerge as likely buyers based on their own financial situation, and the possibility of them meeting your requirements from the sale.

Buyer due diligence and the Heads of Terms agreement

Once negotiations have reached a certain point, a heads of terms agreement is drawn up, and your buyer will carry out their due diligence to ensure the details you have provided about your business are correct.

Sales Agreement

The buyer may wish to secure warranties and/or indemnities to protect themselves from specific or general issues that could compromise the future success of the business. It is crucial to seek professional guidance before you agree to these.

Selling My Business can provide the sector-specific knowledge and experience you need when you are selling your plumbing business. We will ensure your plans for sale are expertly handled and executed, and help you extract the value of your business in the most tax-efficient manner. Call one of the team for a free consultation.

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12,000+ Businesses Sold
60+ Years Experience
10,000+ Potential Buyers

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Essential Guide to Selling Your Business

Contemplating selling your business? Our free, comprehensive guide will walk you through how you can sell your company. Our FREE guide covers all of the essentials, including:

  • Are you appointing an experienced advisor?
  • Are you giving your business a realistic sales price?
  • Will all potential buyers for the business be approached?
  • How much will the sales process impact business performance?

Plus much more...

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Why Choose Us?

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