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Selling My Business can broker the efficient and profitable sale of your air transport business

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Sell my Air Transport Company

When considering the sale of an air transport business, it is important to factor in industry-specific matters that could cause problems during the sales process, in addition to those generic issues that occur when selling a business.

In doing so you positively influence the sale by pre-empting potential delays and hindrances, attract interest from a broader base of interested parties, and help to realise the highest possible value from your company.

Why are you selling your air transport company?

Maybe you have built up the business as planned from the outset, and wish to reap the rewards of your hard work when it is operating at its prime? On the other hand your business may be experiencing a slow-down, and you want to exit before this decline becomes unmanageable. Alternatively, it may simply be the right time to retire and extract the value you have been working towards.

Whatever your reasons for selling, you should seek guidance and professional support from experienced business sales brokers, specifically those with expertise in the air transport industry. This ensures you consider and address all areas of your business that could derail the process, or reduce your company’s value in the eyes of potential buyers.

Seeking professional assistance with the sale of your air transport company

Our experts at Selling My Business are perfectly placed to assist in the sale of your air transport company. We are industry specialists, and have the practical experience and technical knowledge necessary to effect a successful sale.

Although selling a business in any industry must be well-planned and precisely executed, air transport companies face specific issues that need to be addressed before they become significant challenges, and a potential impediment to sale. 

We will ensure the business is sale-ready, carrying out vital preparations that can often be overlooked before a company is placed on the market. Our 30+ years of selling businesses in this sector allows us to offer the industry contacts and professional know-how that are the catalyst for success.

So what aspects of the process can we help you with?

  • Valuing your company: we will make sure your business is valued fairly and realistically
  • Confidentiality: ensuring confidentiality is not compromised during negotiations with interested parties, and that your anonymity is maintained whenever necessary
  • Connections: using our extensive database, we will connect you with the ideal buyer profile
  • Due diligence: this can be a lengthy stage, especially if you are unprepared or do not view your business from a buyer’s perspective. Our experts will consider and act to address all issues that could compromise the due diligence phase.
  • Tax efficiency: extracting the value from the sale of your company in the most tax-efficient manner is a key issue

"The Selling My Business team were excellent from start to finish, they helped get the best price in the sale of my construction business"

Dave T - DT Construction Limited

What industry issues do you need to consider before the sale of your business?

A number of issues can be challenging for companies operating in air transport, potentially negatively affecting the final sale price if not taken into account. Regulatory compliance and maintenance of assets are just a couple of considerations in your business sale.

  • Automation and new technology

The adoption of, and regular investment in automation and new technologies can present an attractive proposition for would-be purchasers, streamlining operations and enabling greater efficiencies and profits in the future. Businesses that have not invested in such technology could be unfavourably compared with competitors.

  • Reliance on global economies

Potential volatility across global economies can create an unstable operating environment for air transport companies, and add to a post-Brexit uncertainty on future trading/travel agreements worldwide.

  • Regulatory compliance and maintenance

Any history of non-compliance with regulations, or anomalies or gaps in maintenance records, for example, could affect the value of your business in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Professional assistance at every stage

It is clear then that planning your sale in advance gives you time to present it at its best, and therefore optimise its value. Some business owners begin to consider this soon after setting up or purchasing their business, but in any case it can take several years to execute plans for a corporate sale.

Our expert team at Selling My Business has the industry knowledge and experience that makes a difference if you are thinking of selling your air transport company. We will make sure the process is handled professionally, and help you achieve the best possible price for your business.

Please contact one of the team to arrange a consultation and discuss your needs.

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